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Day 5 - Late Practice after full teaching day

Day 5 - Late Practice after full teaching day

February 19 – Day 5 (41 days until audition)

Good example of how life sometimes gets in the way and we can’t beat ourselves up about it. Was an extremely busy day at work constantly behind schedule with students and organising new instruments and paperwork. Got in what I could.


30 minutes Rose 31
·     Listened through the recording and played through it slowly with the metronome. Enjoying this study, just need to be able to phrase it how I want it to sound without the technical stuff getting in the way.

30 minutes Mozart 1st mvmt
·     Really struggled tonight with my scale in thirds. I got really tense which made it harder to play, and I got cranky. Played it half speed a few times to feel better. Other than that, the Mozart is feeling okay.

What I learned:

After a full day of teaching and having expectation from my boss, parents and my students, it feels great to do something for me, and to be able to practice whatever I want. I have mad respect for instrumental teachers who work full time and still are amazing musicians. When I get tense from a section I should just do it slowly and then move on, rather than dwelling on the issue.

Day 4 - Music Shopping, Sax Lesson and Rose

Day 4 - Music Shopping, Sax Lesson and Rose