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Day 3 - Practicing Everything... Including Flute!

Day 3 - Practicing Everything... Including Flute!

February 17 – Day 3 (43 days until audition)

Had a full day off today so aimed to get in 4 hours. Bit of a late start to the day as I had to teach one of Tom’s students. Got it all done, but want to improve the length of my practice sessions to be longer and have shorter breaks.


15 minute warmup
·     One octave of long tones (had already done 2 octaves while teaching), as well as the scale round. Still struggling in the trickier section, so need to spend some time properly practicing it if I want to play the round fluently.

30 minutes Weber Concertino
·     Started memorising because I have no issues with the piece, but need to get to know it well again. Focused on the beginning to the first variation.

30 minutes Flute
·     Warmup playing harmonics, then the intonation 3 page of Trevor Wye. Played through all the tricky pieces for China except America. Got too tight towards the end and started buzzing.

 45 minutes Mozart 1st mvmt
·     Focused on the semiquaver passages and getting my fingers to relax and be even. Got up to the 8th page, so smashed through a lot.

30 minutes Cavallini 6
·     Split the study into 4 and worked in sections. Played each section very slowly, and got up to tempo. Just a few intervals that are messy.

 45 minutes Excerpts
·     All excerpts except the Rossini. Really focused on the triplets in Molly on the Shore, as well as using my air effectively in Beethoven 6.

 15 minutes Mozart 2nd mvmt
·     Worked on smoothness and started memorising. Trying to make as beautiful as possible. Need to relearn the cadenza.

30 minutes Tenor Sax
·     Worked on all excerpts, and tried to make sound as good as possible. Corners in, tongue low. Looked up some embouchure videos.

What I learned:

It took me all day to get through the 4 hours, so I need to go for longer stints. There are some things I know pretty well, so should give them more of a break while I get the unfamiliar stuff up to speed. I really love the Mozart 2nd mvmt a lot, and want to play it in a dark and quiet room.

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