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Day 1 - Tenor Sax, Mozart, Cavallini

Day 1 - Tenor Sax, Mozart, Cavallini

February 15 - Day 1!!! (45 days until audition)

I just got my excerpts and audition requirements this morning (I basically already knew though, because I did this audition last year). The only thing that is different is that it is recommended I also play the tenor saxophone big band excerpts, and I am going to choose a different piece to last time.


1.5 hours on alto saxophone.

·     Practiced all 3 excerpts (tall cotton, take the A train, and a few good men). Listened to recordings of all of them because I hadn’t heard them before. A few good men is my favourite of the 3 so far, and is sounding the best. I worked on the other 2 very slowly. The G# key keeps getting stuck which might be why I hate 2 of them. Going down a harmonic is a struggle for me.

30 minutes Cavallini 6

·     Learnt this last year so already know it, but want to improve it a lot. Played it without the rests (doubling each note value) to make it smoother and eliminate rhythm problems. This helped with phrasing. Then did this faster and added in the rests. Am still putting some sections on off beats.

45 minutes Mozart Concerto

·     Played the first 3 ‘sections’. Got the semiquavers more even, worked on phrasing, and tried to play the first section from memory. Enjoying goings slow, and am struggling with the articulated semiquaver passages.

15 minutes Weber Concertino

·     Not stressed about this technically, more stylistically. Played through the tricky sections, getting my fingers familiarised again, with plenty of air.

30 minutes tenor sax

·     First time ever playing tenor. Tom helped develop my embouchure. Need more air with a lower tongue and tighter corners. Sounding better already.

What I learned:

I’m gonna need to practice saxophone a lot this month, and get a couple lessons.
My tongue seizes up when I stress over a quick passage.
My left-hand needs work, in particular in the Db, F, Ab section in the Mozart.
Jazz is actually not bad to listen to, I just suck at it.
I can probably figure out the Mozart phrasing on my own, but like having guidance.

Day 2 - Grainger and Mozart Concerto

Day 2 - Grainger and Mozart Concerto